warehouse digs in Calgary
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I wish I had better pictures of this place.

Photographing it was never a priority because I knew what it looked like; I saw it every day.

This lack of decent snaps has caused me to shelve this little photo essay more than once. I won't be taking any more pics of it any time soon, so here's what I've got.

The portion of the building on the right of the above picture, the south half, was built around 1908. The portion of the left was built in 1911. It has belonged to the Hudon's Bay Company and a string of other owners. The very northern porion of the building was three stories.

It was semi-abandoned in the late 1980s when an investor snapped it up for around $180,000. I can't remember the exact figures. I did alot of digging at the Calgary archives about this place.

It still has the original fully functional sprinkler system and elevator. Most of the windows are as they were 90 years ago. There are twice as many windows on the east side, making for some amazing lighting in the mornings on that side.

There's about 50 pictures here. Enjoy.


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